Psychosocial Barriers to Diabetes Self-Management and Quality of Life


In Brief

Diabetes self-management can be difficult and frustrating for both patients and practitioners. Information is needed about which barriers present the greatest obstacles for which types of patients, and from this, practical, cost-effective interventions need to be developed. This article reviews existing research on psychosocial and interpersonal barriers to diabetes self-management and quality of life. It also presents new data on a self-efficacy-based barriers instrument and makes recommendations for future research.


  • Russell E. Glasgow, PhD, is a senior scientist and Cynthia D. Gillette, PhD, RD, is an assistant scientist in the Department of Behavioral and Community Studies at the AMC Cancer Research Center in Denver, Colo. Deborah J. Toobert, PhD, is a research scientist in the Chronic Illness Research Group at the Oregon Research Institute in Eugene, Ore.

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