Improving Adherence to Diabetes Self-Management Recommendations

  1. Clyde B. Schechter, MA, MD, FACPM and
  2. Elizabeth A. Walker, DNSc, RN, CDE


    In Brief

    Improved health outcomes for individuals with diabetes depend on integrating self-management into daily life. A wide variety of educational, behavioral, and affective interventions are available that individually produce modest improvements in patient adherence to treatment recommendations in diabetes and related chronic illnesses and that work somewhat better when used in combination. A summary of selected successful interventions is presented.


    • Clyde B. Schechter, MA, MD, FACPM, is an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, and Elizabeth A. Walker, DNSc, RN, CDE, is director of the Prevention and Control Component of the Diabetes Research and Training Center and an associate professor of medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, N.Y.

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