Percentage Reductions in Bolus Insulin for 30 or 60 Minutes of Aerobic Exercise Performed Within 2–3 Hours After a Meal (6)

Bolus Dose Reduction for 30 Minutes of Exercise (%)Bolus Dose Reduction for 60 Minutes of Exercise (%)
Mild (e.g., walking, gardening, or shopping)2550
Moderate (e.g., brisk walking, jogging, light cycling, or skating)5075
Intense (e.g., intense cycling, running, dancing, or individual or team sports)75
  • The subjects in this study were all on multiple daily injection insulin regimens using ultralente insulin as their basal insulin and lispro as their mealtime insulin. Using different basal and bolus insulins or using an insulin pump instead of taking multiple daily injections may influence the percentage of reduction in bolus insulin needed for aerobic exercise.