CPAP Treatment and Type 2 Diabetes

StudySample Size (n)DesignPrimary Findings
Prasad et al. (62)221Retrospective cohort; CPAP effects over 2 yearsNo change in A1C before and after CPAP treatment
Guest et al. (63)300Retrospective case control; CPAP vs. no treatment over 5 yearsA1C significantly lower in CPAP group
Myhill et al. (64)44Prospective, randomized; CPAP early (<1 week) or late (>1 month) for 3 monthsDecreased insulin resistance in CPAP group by oral GTT
Guo et al. (65)40Prospective; pre-treatment vs. post-CPAP treatment for 1 monthDecreased 24-hour mean blood glucose and nighttime mean blood glucose after CPAP, as determined by continuous glucose monitoring
Salford et al. (66)80Prospective, randomized, controlled trial; CPAP vs. conservative treatment for 3 monthsDecreased insulin resistance by oral GTT in CPAP group