Summary of the 2012 txt4health Paid Media Campaign

Media TypeSizeNumber of UnitsCampaign Length
Outdoor (billboards)10.5 by 22.8 feet3930 January to 6 May 2012
Television (WVUE channel 8 Fox; DUVE channel Bounce; WWL channel 4 CBS; WDSU channel 6 NBC; WUPL channel 54 MyNetwork; Cox Media)30 seconds1,10930 January to 6 May 2012
Radio (WQUE-FM, WYLD-FM, WYLD-AM)30 seconds1,94730 January to 24 June 2012
Print (Data News, Louisiana Weekly, New Orleans Tribune, Greater New Orleans Living)8.2 by 7.75 inches254 February to 23 April 2012