Table 2.

Competency Level Scale, from 1–8, Used in Our Center to Determine Appropriateness of CSII (For CSII, Level 5)

SafetyInitial information, injections, blood testing, treatment for hypoglycemia1
BasicsBlood glucose targets, actions for levels out of target, glucagon, action of different types of insulin, diet and carbohydrate2
Carbohydrate managementDetermine quantity of carbohydrates in food, use of a plan for carbohydrate intake3
CorrectionHow to correct glucose out of target4
Daily changesDecision-making about changes in daily routine adjusting insulin and carbohydrate intake, strategies to prevent hypoglycemia and DKA5
Base dose adjustmentsMake base dose adjustments, review blood glucose values to observe overall effects of treatments6
Advanced diabetes managementUnderstand hormone pathways and food absorption, know about strategies to reduce complications7
Maximized control, basal and bolus therapyIndependence in multiple injections/day or CSII to maximize control, flexibility, and freedom8