Table 2.

Relevant Points From Technical Reviews and Reports

I.  General Self-Management (adapted from Clement, 1995)21
    •  Knowledge is not enough: behavioral strategies are also needed.
    •  For long-term success, regular follow-up is needed.
    •  Computerized or programmed self-instruction augments, but does not replace, diabetes educators.
    •  Elderly people are able to make lifestyle changes.
    •  Communication should encourage patients to raise questions and actively participate.
    •  Self-management is most effective when linked with medical care.
II.  Interactive Health Technologies (adapted from Science Panel on IT)19,29
   IT programs should report:
    •  their specific goals/objectives.
    •  their intended audience and characteristics of samples studied.
    •  technological resources required to use the program.
    •  methods of instruction and media formats used.
    •  reading level and availability in languages other than English.
    •  outcome results on user satisfaction, beliefs, behaviors, morbidity, and cost.
    •  Financial interests of evaluators in the IT product.