Comparison of Nutrition Therapy Recommendations for GDM From Professional Health Care Organizations*

ADA 5th International Workshop-Conference on GDM, 2005 (10)Insufficient evidence; recommendations withdrawn
ADA Medical Nutrition Therapy Guidelines, 2013 (83)aInconclusive evidence; individualization needed
ACOG Guidelines, 2013 (5)Carbohydrate 33–40% of total calories
The Endocrine Society Guidelines, 2013 (55)Carbohydrate 35–45% of total calories
American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology (AHA/ACC) Guidelines, 2013 (57)a,bCarbohydrate 55–59%, fat 26–27%, saturated fat 5–6%, and protein 15–18% of total calories
  • * For further comparison, recommendations from the ADA for diabetes outside of pregnancy and from the AHA/ACC for cardiometabolic health outside of pregnancy are included.

  • a Recommendations for diabetes management outside of pregnancy.

  • b Lifestyle recommendations to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.