Baseline Antihyperglycemic Therapy and Initial Alternative Antihyperglycemic Agent(s) Chosen by Provider at the Time of Metformin Discontinuation

n (%)
Concomitant medication(s) with metformin
Insulin10 (5.6)
Sulfonylurea116 (64.8)
TZD4 (2.2)
Combination of multiple classes26 (14.5)
None (metformin monotherapy)23 (12.8)
Alternative antihyperglycemic agent(s) initiated after metformin discontinuation
Insulin40 (22.3)
Sulfonylurea6 (3.4)
TZD68 (38)
Dose increase of concomitant antihyperglycemic agent10 (5.6)
Combination of multiple approaches above27 (15.1)
None (continuation of concomitant antihyperglycemic therapy only)28 (15.6)