Frequencies of Items Assessing Communal Coping and Partners’ Helpful and Unhelpful Behaviors

Communal Coping #1: Whose problem is it?
 Completely my problem18
 Mostly my problem65
 Both of our problem15
 Mostly my partner’s problem3
 Completely my partner’s problem0
Communal Coping #2: Whose responsibility is it?
 Completely my responsibility41
 Mostly my responsibility49
 Both of our responsibility10
 Mostly my partner’s responsibility0
 Completely my partner’s responsibility0
Communal Coping #3: How much do you work together?
 None of the time9
 A little of the time18
 Some of the time29
 Most of the time34
 All of the time10
How is your partner helpful?
 Emotional support (listening, understanding)43
 Instrumental support (concrete assistance with diabetes)29
 Specific assistance with low blood sugar25
 Reminding me to do things (test, see doctor)18
How is your partner unhelpful?
 Partner worries/gets distressed about diabetes31
 Makes it difficult to eat healthy (buys unhealthy food)16
 Lacks emotional support (doesn’t understand, insensitive)13
 Mere presence keeps me from taking care of myself7
 Nags me to do what I’m supposed to do7
 Argues about how I should best take care of myself7
 Scheduling issues (e.g., don’t eat at the same time)7