Antidiabetes Pharmacotherapy Regimens Patients Were Receiving at the Time of Discharge From the Pilot Clinic

Antidiabetes RegimenPatients (n [%])
Metformin only1 (4)
Metformin plus DPP-4 inhibitor1 (4)
Metformin plus GLP-1 receptor agonist1 (4)
Metformin plus basal insulin1 (4)
Metformin plus basal/bolus insulin7 (29)
Metformin plus basal insulin plus GLP-1 receptor agonist1 (4)
Basal insulin only1 (4)
Basal/bolus insulin4 (17)
Basal insulin plus DPP-4 inhibitor2 (8)
DPP-4 inhibitor only2 (8)
No pharmacotherapy3 (12)