Reasons for P-CGM Use in Primary Care

• Mitigation of hypoglycemia unawareness
• Mitigation of nocturnal hypoglycemia unawareness
• Provision of insight into nocturnal blood glucose patterns
• Initiation of basal insulin (when necessary)
• Understanding of when to initiate mealtime (prandial) insulin
• Aid in adjusting the insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio for people with insulin-dependent diabetes
• Understanding of how food affects blood glucose (i.e., how meals with various macronutrient ratios affect blood glucose profiles over the course of 24 hours)
• Understand of how high-fat foods increase blood glucose over the course of 4–24 hours after ingestion
• Increased patient accountability, which in turn improves patient self-care behaviors
• Evaluation of the magnitude of the dawn phenomenon (i.e., early morning increase in blood glucose) and how it changes over time with lifestyle intervention
• Reduction of medication and insulin use as patient’s insulin resistance or sensitivity changes