Two-Visit P-CGM Workflow for PCP Clinic

Visit 1: P-CGM InitiationVisit 2: P-CGM Report Review
1. Discuss CGM basics with the patient.
2. Set up and deploy P-CGM device on patient.
3.Describe requirements for calibrating the device using a blood glucose meter.
4. Reinforce the need for log-keeping (food, medication, and activity) and provide a log sheet or explain how to use a mobile app log (patient’s choice).
5. Schedule a return visit to maximize device utility (typically 7–14 days of P-CGM wear, depending on the specific device’s approved duration of use).
1. Remove the sensor from the P-CGM recorder and download data.
2. Set preferences for individual target values and generate reports.
3. Interpret reports and provide recommendations to the patient.
4. Inform the patient about the effects of food, activity, and medications on blood glucose levels.
5. Provide the patient with a take-home copy of reports as an educational tool.