Comparison of HONU Project and NHANES Data (6)

NHANES 2009–2010, %*NHANES 2011–2012, %*NHANES Change, %HONU Project 2008–2009, %HONU Project 2012–2013, %HONU Project Change, %
Blood pressure at goal (<140/90 mmHg)83.182.5–0.679.386.0+6.7
On blood pressure medication35.236.8+1.638.347.6+9.3
LDL cholesterol at goal (<130 mg/dL)64.363.7–0.668.072.0+4.0
Total cholesterol at goal (<200 mg/dL)47.546.9–0.658.365.1+6.8
Not obese (BMI <30 kg/m2)62.562.3–0.255.955.2–0.7
  • * NHANES data selected for non-Hispanic white participants aged 40–79 years to provide a comparison group similar to New Ulm resident demographics.