Results of Multivariable Analysis

VariableOR (95% CI)P
Poor appointment adherence (missing ≥20% of visits)3.24 (2.30–4.57)<0.001
Positive PHQ-2 screen for depression1.35 (1.12–1.62)<0.001
Hispanic or Latino versus non-Hispanic, non-Latino ethnicity1.29 (1.13–1.47)<0.001
Ethnicity refused or missing versus non-Hispanic, non-Latino ethnicity0.99 (0.54–1.82)0.9630
BMI0.98 (0.97–0.99)<0.001
Age0.98 (0.98–0.99)<0.001
Female sex0.76 (0.68–0.86)<0.001
  • ORs shown represent the risk of being in the uncontrolled diabetes group (n =4,774). BMI and age are represented as continuous variables.