Semi-Structured Interview Questions

1. How did (you tell your partner/your partner tell you) about (your/his or her) diabetes?
2. Tell me about the ways that you cope or deal with diabetes?
3. When problems arise with diabetes, how do you cope or handle them?
4. What things do you or your partner do specifically in relation to diabetes (like things you do on a daily basis in relation to diabetes)?
5. What things do you or your partner avoid doing in relation to diabetes?
6. What else can you tell me? Are there any other ways that you or your partner are coping or dealing with diabetes?
7. Which of the following phrases best describes how you think about diabetes?
It is (my/my partner’s) issue to deal with.
It is (my/my partner’s) issue, but I know that it affects (my partner/me).
It is a shared issue.
It is (my partner’s/my) issue to deal with.