Key Attributes Desirable in a Comprehensive GDM Program

• Affordable and easily accessible diagnostic testing (preconception, antepartum, and postpartum)
• Culturally tailored intervention and education
• Available behavioral health services
• Individualized care
• Support provided for women who need to bring children to health care visits
• Promotion of continuity of care
• Access to transportation for medical care
• Assessment of health literacy and formulation of an appropriate care plan
• Inclusion of lifestyle intervention
• Communication delivered consistently and via a method the woman can consume and understand (e.g., electronic, face-to-face oral, or written)
• Social support and resources to assist with issues of access to healthy foods, violence, and other factors
• Technology used to decrease the burden of traditional face-to-face visits (e.g., telemedicine, virtual visits, or texting)
• Resources available to perform home visits
• Medical care available in geographically accessible locations