Overview of Smart Caps

GoCapTimesulinDukada Trio
CompanyCommon SensingBigfoot BiomedicalDukada
Country of originUnited StatesUnited KingdomDenmark
Year created201320102012
FDA approvalNoNoNo
U.S. availabilityYesNoNo
Cost$25/month$15.72 (∼£12)*$46 (∼ €40)*
Insulin compatibilitiesSoloStar pens, FlexPen, and KwikPen (2019) pensKwikPen, FlexPen, FlexTouch, SoloStar pensFlexPen, SoloStar pens
App serviceApple, AndroidNoNo
Features• Displays remaining insulin
• App displays type/time of insulin administration
• App allows for blood glucose monitoring and meal entry
• Lasts 1 year
• Tracks the time since last injection
• Battery life of 1 year
• Flexible grip allows for more stability
• Has a light above needle for better visibility
• Shows time elapsed since last injection
  • * Currency conversions conducted on 29 January 2019.