Sí, Yo Puedo and Wisdom, Power, Control Intervention Overview

Class FormatWeekly Topics
• Seven weekly sessions of 1.5–2 hours in length
• Review of weekly homework activity
• Guided discussion on the video novella (i.e., soap opera) messages
• Short lecture on weekly topic
• Experiential activities reinforcing dietary principles and self-care practices
Week 1: Orientation: introduction to diabetes self-care
Week 2: Understanding diabetes
Week 3: Blood glucose testing
Week 4: Healthy eating: portion sizes, meal planning, and food labeling
Week 5: Physical activity and diabetes
Week 6: Medicines and diabetes
Week 7: Preventing diabetes complications
Instructional Strategies
• Video novella with guided discussions
• Blood glucose monitoring instruction
• Use of seven diabetes self-care steps to reinforce disease management: 1) eat healthy; 2) test blood glucose levels; 3) talk to your doctor; 4) move more; 5) check your eyes, teeth, and feet; 6) take your medicines; and 7) manage stress
• Weekly power phrase recited throughout class to reinforce the empowerment message (e.g., “¡Yo puedo controlar mí diabetes!” (I can control my diabetes)
• Short presentations exploring self-care practice
• Problem-solving (group and individual)
• Goal-setting
• Action plan as a take-home activity to practice lessons learned in class
• Feedback opportunities (e.g., review of weekly homework and reinforcement of positive behaviors and attitudes)
• Visual aids (e.g., food photo cards, pictorial handouts, and pictorial homework sheets)
• Meal planning with healthy plate concept
• Food label reading