Overview of InPen, ESYSTA, Pendiq, and YpsoMate SmartPilot Smart Insulin Pens

InPenESYSTAPendiqYpsoMate SmartPilot
CompanyCompanion MedicalEmperraPendiqYpsoMed
Country of originUnited StatesGermanyGermanySwitzerland
FDA approval2016NoNoNo
U.S. availabilityYesNoNoNo
Cost$665$220 (€192)*$193 (€169)*Unable to verify
Insulin compatibilitiesLispro/aspart 3-mL cartridgesLispro/aspart/glulisine 3-mL cartridgesLispro/aspart 3-mL cartridgesPrefilled insulin
App serviceApple, AndroidApple, AndroidApple, AndroidUnable to verify
Features• Lasts 1 year
• Temperature sensor
• Dose calculator
• Reminders for patient
• Prescription needed
• Cloud database accessible to providers
• Replaceable batteries (last for up to 1 year)
• Memory capacity for 1,000 data records
• Memory for recording last 1,000 injections (date, time, quantity)
• Alarms if low battery, needle blockage, or low insulin
• Rechargeable battery
• Tracks injection time and sequence of handling (pressing against skin, triggering the injection, positioning the injector, end of injection)
  • * Currency conversions conducted on 29 January 2019.