Overview of Insulin Pen Attachments

CompanyInsulCloudDiabnextBioCorpInnovation Zed, Ltd.
Country of originSpainUnited StatesFranceIreland
FDA approvalNoNoNoNo
U.S. availabilityNoNoNoNo
Cost$285 (€249)*∼$40<$50∼$32
Insulin compatibilitiesKwikPen, FlexTouch, SoloStar pensSoloStar pens, ClikSTAR, KwikPen, Luxura, FlexPen, FlexTouchUnable to verifyFlexPen, KwikPen, SoloStar pens, NovoPen 3/4/5/Echo, Luxura HD, Savvio, ClikSTAR
App serviceApple, AndroidApple, AndroidUnable to verifyNo
Features• Shows the type, time, and quantity of insulin administered
• App provides dose reminders, food/glucose input, temperature fluctuations
• Shows the type, time, and quantity of insulin administered
• Battery life of 1,800 injections
• Memory of 200 injections
• Detects time, date, amount of insulin injected
• Alerts patients about missed, extra, and next doses
• Records elapsed time between injections
• Green light flashes when dose injected
• Temperature sensor
• Replaceable battery
  • * Currency conversions conducted on 29 January 2019.