Results From the Multivariable Analysis of Self-Care, Self-Efficacy, Knowledge, and Distress

Outcome VariableSignificant PredictorsEstimated SDP
Post-test self-carePre-test self-care0.38 (0.06)<0.001
Ethnicity: African Americans versus Hispanics/Latinos–2.44 (0.77)0.002
Post-test self-efficacyPre-test self-efficacy0.24 (0.05)<0.001
Ethnicity: African Americans versus Hispanics/Latinos–0.18 (0.07)0.011
Post-test knowledgePre-test knowledge0.22 (0.06)<0.001
Age–0.005 (0.0015)0.001
Post-test psychological distressPre-test distress0.40 (0.05)<0.001
Health: very good versus fair–0.003 (0.11)0.978
Health: good versus fair–0.188 (0.083)0.024
  • Subgroup analysis by ethnic group can be found in the online supplementary materials.