CGM Metrics and Targets for Adults and Pregnant Adults With Type 1 Diabetes: Recommendations of the International Consensus on Time in Range (43)

CGM MetricStandard Targets*Pregnancy Targets
Days CGM should be worn, n1414
Time CGM should be active, %>70>70
Mean glucosePersonalized targetPersonalized target
GMIPersonalized targetPersonalized target
Glycemic variability (coefficient of variation), %<36<36
TAR, level 2<5% of time>250 mg/dL(13.9 mmol/L)
TAR, level 1<25% of time181–250 mg/dL(10.1–13.9 mmol/L)<25% of time>140 mg/dL(7.8 mmol/L)
TIR>70% of time70–180 mg/dL(3.9–10.0 mmol/L)>70% of time63–140 mg/dL(3.5–7.8 mmol/L)
TBR, level 1<4% of time54–69 mg/dL(3.0–3.8 mmol/L)<4% of time54–62 mg/dL(3.0–3.4 mmol/L)
TBR, level 2 (<54 mg/dL [<3.0 mmol/L])<1% of time<1% of time
  • Targets were not recommended for GDM or pregnancy complicated by type 2 diabetes, as more data are needed. Bold type indicates targets that differ for pregnancy.

  • * Goals vary for pediatric, older, and high-risk populations.

  • ADA recommends an A1C <6% (<42 mmol/mol) in pregnancy or a mean glucose <126 mg/dL (7 mmol/L).