Sample Questions From the Interview Guide

Key: Main questions are shown in boldface; follow-up probes are listed with bullets.
How do you feel it went with your (first/second) GLP-1 receptor agonist medication?
• Was using this medication easier, more difficult, or about as much work as you expected? (describe)
• What could have helped you to be more successful with it when you were first getting started? (more information from the doctor, better instructions printed on the device itself, fewer administration times, fewer side effects, etc.?)
• Was there anything about the product that made it particularly easy or particularly difficult to use?
The challenges you have described that make it harder for you to use GLP-1 receptor agonist medications are: ____________________. (read back to patients what they have listed as challenges)
Now I’m going to read a list of challenges some people report when using GLP-1 receptor agonist medications. As I read this list, please tell me if you remember experiencing any of these.
(Interviewer: ONLY ask follow-up probes on challenges if they have not already been mentioned.)
• Interruption of daily activities
• Health care team was not accessible to answer questions
• Health care team did not provide enough education/information
• Insurance issues (lack of coverage/out-of-pocket costs are high)
• Insufficient instructions on use of injectable or pen device
• Limited or inadequate instructions around GLP-1 receptor agonist starting dose and the need for increases in the dose
• Side effects (make sure patients detail these)
• Having to make changes in diet
• Fear of needles/self-injection
• Burden of many medications to take
• Discomfort from being first time with injectable medication
• Sense that medication was not working
• Did not see a need to keep taking the medication
• Frustration or discouragement related to having diabetes in general
• Weight gain or lack of weight loss (specify)
• No instruction around importance of exercise and minimizing food volume and dietary fat at meals
• Disappointed that it did not work as well as I expected
Of all of the challenges we have just discussed, which ones were the most difficult for you to deal with? (describe why) Which ones are the most important?
[For patients who discontinued] Which of these challenges was a part of the reason you discontinued the GLP-1 receptor agonist medication?
Which were the most important contributors to why you discontinued?