Primary Facilitators and Challenges to Continued Use of GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Treatment

Continuers (n = 16 [100%])Discontinuers (n = 20 [100%])
Primary facilitators that contributed to continued GLP-1 receptor agonist usePrimary challenges that contributed to discontinued GLP-1 receptor agonist use
[Blood glucose] numbers improved8 (50.0)Side effects11 (55.0)
Weight loss4 (25.0)High cost10 (50.0)
[Blood glucose] numbers controlled3 (18.8)[Blood glucose] numbers did not improve5 (25.0)
No side effects3 (18.8)High frequency of administration1 (5.0)
Available or low cost3 (18.8)[Blood glucose] numbers worsened1 (5.0)
Easy to use3 (18.8)Discomfort or fear of needles or self-injection1 (5.0)
Long-term benefits3 (18.8)Pain or bruising with injection1 (5.0)
  • Data are n (%).